Cerence has broadened its Cerence Pay partner ecosystem with the addition of ryd pay, the largest cross-brand solution for mobile payments directly at the gas pump. Together, the companies will enable voice-powered fuel payments throughout Europe, directly from the car.Backed by strategic global companies including Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz and AXA, ryd pay enables digital payment at gas stations, either by app or via the car's infotainment system, allowing drivers to pay for fuel, services, and in-store purchases without having to leave their cars. ryd pay is currently live as a standalone application and is used by major OEMs to offer a bespoke payment solution within their branded in-car experience. It is available to drivers in Germany, Benelux, Switzerland and Austria and will be available throughout the EU in the coming months.Designed to meet the increasing demand for faster, safer, and more convenient payment options, Cerence Pay helps OEMs offer superior experiences by enabling secure, voice-powered in-car transactions. By adding ryd pay to the Cerence Pay ecosystem, OEMs can now make contactless in-car fuel payments even easier. The integration means drivers do not have to enter new credentials or open the app on their smartphone or headunit to initiate payment. Instead, they can simply speak their request, and the transaction is authorized by voice biometrics – cutting down time and keeping drivers focused and aware of traffic around them.”By adding ryd pay to our Cerence Pay ecosystem, we can make secure, voice-powered transactions available to more consumers and give our OEMs flexibility in how they integrate and offer payment options to best meet the needs of their drivers,” said Nils Lenke, VP & GM of Apps, Cerence. “With the car becoming more connected than ever before, it only makes sense to offer drivers contactless payment for services – whether that's fueling up, getting a coffee or parking. We add a layer of convenience by letting drivers use their voice to initiate payments and ensure security by authenticating them at the same time through voice biometrics.””We envision a future where hassle-free, secure and reliable interactions are initiated through all of your connected devices, from your smartphone to your car. We are enabling OEMs and merchants to offer better experiences that drive customer loyalty and separate them from their competitors,” said Sandra Dax, CEO of ThinxNet, the makers of ryd pay. “With the addition of the AI-powered voice capabilities of Cerence Pay, customers can more securely and conveniently initiate and authenticate transactions. We are excited to partner with Cerence to bring even more powerful in-car experiences to the roads together.”