Senior UN security figures say more biometric data sharing is needed between countries to aid the fight against ISIS.Coalition forces are focused on pursuing and targeting foreign terrorist fighters attempting to escape through neighbouring countries.However, that effort to prevent foreign fighters who travelled to the region from returning to the West to carry out attacks is now critical, Terry Wolff, Deputy Special Presidential Envoy for the coalition, told reporters this week.”The foreign terrorist fighter flow is really of great concern,” he said.Wolff added the coalition was trying to build global mechanisms for constantly assessing and updating the situation with returning fighters.”We have tried… to encourage nations, and now obligate nations, to share information, to share biometrics information on foreign terrorist fighters,” he said, referencing UN Security Council resolutions on the issue.Wolff added the plan had extended to trying to put in place “watchlists that get shared internationally.” “That is the future of the global fight,” the envoy said.