Biometric identity and elections firm GenKey has announced a new release of its enrolment software.According to GenKey, many of the improvements in the new release address challenges such as mobile registration in rural locations, for example when registering door-to-door.The enchancements aim to deal with the lack of infrastructure and poor or no connectivity,and the new release features privacy-by-design software that's designed to store sensitive biometric information securely.The company adds that it has also improved the user experience to enable non-skilled operators to use the software, making the recruitment and training process easier in rural locations.In addition, the software runs on all mobile platforms and is compatible with all commonly available fingerprint scanners. Some highlights of the new release include operator authentication and login, 3g, wi-fi and NFC communication capabilities, reading Identity documents including Smartcards and MRZ data, back-up mechanisms, importing and exporting of identity information in simple data interchangeable formats including XML and JSON. According to GenKey CEO Michiel van der Veen, “This latest release helps our partners and customers to enroll and authenticate individuals without worrying about data quality and security. This new mobile solution works across markets from Elections, Healthcare, Social Protection, Banking, Telco, Civil Register and more. It is an important step towards more affordable and practical solutions that will help accelerate the adoption of biometric identity in developing economies. That's ultimately what drives every new innovation in GenKey.''