Indonesian passengers who died in the tragic AirAsia flight QZ8501 crash have been quickly identified thanks to fingerprint and iris reading solutions linked to country's biometric ID database.The Disaster Victim Identification team at the Indonesian Republic Police Department has been identifying remains using the mobile Automated Multi- Biometric Identification System (Mambis).Mambis is a matching software developed by Indonesia's Biomorf that works with the Trident device developed by Credence ID. Over 50% of the Indonesians recovered have been rapidly identified.Mambis matches iris and fingerprint data against the country's biometric electronic ID card database. The Trident device connects remotely to the database, almost instantly displaying a person's details if a match or even a likely match is made.A total of 162 people were on board when the Airbus A320-200 crashed into the sea on 28 December. As of 18 January, 51 bodies had been recovered, as well as the plane's black boxes. Search divers are trying to reach the main wreckage to find more.