Financial services giant Visa sees biometrics for payment authorisation as critical for its security roadmap to 2020.Joe Cunningham, Head of Risk for Asia Pacific at Visa, said Visa and its ecosystem of banks, merchants, fintech firms, service providers, law enforcement, and cardholders feel comfortable supporting it, as he said certain forms of biometrics have reached a stable and secure level, reported ZDnet.”We always expected biometrics to get to a point where they would play an important role in payments, in fact we expected biometrics to play an important role in our lives as we go about our day-to-day business whether it's accessing buildings, our car, or an online service,” he said.”So there's no surprise that payments has been front and centre when it comes to biometric adoption.”Everyone thinks of biometrics when they think about payments in the future.”According to Visa, another element the use of biometrics offers is a solution to what he labelled as “fairly substantial” pain-points in the Australian market.”Research shows that here in Australia we have a memory issue when it comes to PINs and passwords; this goes to just human nature and people's desire to use the same ones,” Cunningham explained.