An Automated Border Control (ABC) solution developed by Vision-Box will be used to secure to strengthen the Spain-Gibraltar border, the company revealed in a statement.Deployed by Vision-Box for the Spanish Ministry of Interior and the National Police Force, the new Automated Border Control solution reinforces traditional manual procedures with a self-service clearance process that includes face biometrics and fingerprint recognition and match with travel document information.The total number of eGates is 26, with 13 ABC eGates at each terminal (inbound and outbound).La Línea de la Concepción is a strategic Entry and Exit point of the Schengen area laying on the border between Spain and the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. With several thousands of people and a considerable amount of goods crossing every day, authorities face challenges, such as the intensification of formalities needed for clearance causing a strong congestion and long queues.The firm noted that its solution has two main fully integrated components. The first is automated biometric eGates: whether entering or leaving Spain through La Línea, 13 biometric-based vb i-match ABC eGates on each side – a total of 26 – offer self-service border clearance in both inbound and outbound terminals, processing citizens from the EEA (European Economic Area), provided they are over 18 years old and hold an Electronic MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Document).At the eGates, citizens authenticate their ePassports and have their identity verified by looking at a camera, which capture a live face image compliant with ICAO standards; the system matches it against the biometric data stored in the travel document. In the case of Spanish citizens, both face and fingerprints are verified and matched against their national ID card. The eGates adjust to each traveler's height and adapt light while capturing their face images, for a high quality result, compliant with the highest international standards.The second component of this innovative system is a software platform which offers the Spanish National Police the possibility to control, in real-time, all that is happening at the eGates through the use of monitoring stations.These allow for the National Police to overrule the whole security infrastructure, detecting false identification documents, any disparity of information between the traveler and the verified data or other irregularities. In those cases, alerts are immediately triggered, facilitating an instant reaction by the agents (for instance, in case of a forced entry or two people trying to go through), until the traveler, document or situation is further inspected and solved. Jean-François Lennon, Vice-President for Global Business Development & Sales of Vision-Box, said “La Línea represents a critical crossing point of Entry/Exit in the Schengen area and deserves the most advanced Automated Border Control solution. Not only to enhance safety and protection, quickly identifying irregular situations, but also to streamline control procedures and turn the mythic La Linea crossing into a secure journey to travelers.”