Biometrics firm BIO-key has announced a project with the Province of British Columbia to use BIO-key's fingerprint authentication solution, WEB-key, for positive biometric ID. In a statement, the firm said this latest project leverages BIO-key's core technology as well as international standards to provide biometric enrollments that can securely and conveniently bridge the gap between physical access and logical access control systems.In January 2012, the B.C. government selected BIO-key to provide a fingerprint authentication solution to enable secure self-service access for identity information management and authentication services. With today's announcement, the BIO-key technology is being deployed into new areas, leveraging biometric authentication to augment more traditional physical access control security measures within one of the Province's new state-of-the-art facilities.”Supporting government organizations and their online security infrastructure has always been a core strength of our company,” stated Mike DePasquale, CEO of BIO-key. “By leveraging international standards for biometric data, BIO-key is able to provide the Province with a flexible, secure, and highly scalable platform for managing biometrics across a broader range of use-cases. It's particularly gratifying when an existing customer expands his or her use of our solutions. Our long-term track record in providing scalable, interoperable and world-class software and hardware solutions that meet regulatory requirements distinguishes BIO-key as a trusted government partner. Importantly, the efficiency, enhanced workflows and audit trails enabled by our biometric solutions also deliver attractive long-term returns to our customers.”The firm added that the project is a testament to the Province's forward-looking approach in leveraging its investment in identity and authentication services.