British trade union body Unison has said a national care charity – Community Integrated Care (CIC) – is subjecting its staff to intensive biometric surveillance that is impacting their jobs.CIC employees are reported to have expressed concern at the introduction of a new sign-in system which involves signing in every hour using a biometric fingerprint scanning system, reported union magazine Left Foot Forward.Workers have started a petition after the hi-tech clock-in machine identifies staff by their fingerprints and photographs them each time they sign in or out. Staff who work through the night are required to sign in every hour, which the union says can interrupt them attending to people in their care.The new system was introduced despite strict new guidelines on biometric data under the new GDPR data protection law, which came into effect last Friday, reported the magazine. LFF understands that workers were not asked for their consent for their biometric data to be used by CIC.A spokesperson for CIC told Left Foot Forward:”Since its introductionߪ[the biometric monitoring system] has positively transformed the way we create rotas, capture the hours' worked by colleagues and evidence the services that we deliverߪ”Our charity previously paid its colleagues using manual, paper-based processes. This was not only time-consuming for managers, but could also be prone to human errors that resulted in our staff not always being accurately paid for the work that they deliverߪ”We are sorry to hear that some staff have raised apprehensions about this system and would welcome the opportunity to meet with them, to address their concerns.”