Irish startup B-secure, which has developed an algorithm which uses your heartbeat as a way of identifying and authenticating, has revealed plans to commercialise its first product this year.Speaking to Silicone Republic, CEO Alan Foreman said that B-secure's solution focuses on using your ECG/heartbeat as a way of driving genuine user authentication.”Our ECG solution is an internal solution (inside the human body) and therefore not open for external manipulation,” he said.”We see our solution as highly agile, flexible, scalable, cost effective and relevant to any industry looking for genuine user authentication and looking to fight back against hackers and criminal activity in the use of personal and financial data and privacy,” Foreman explained.Like the ECG-reading wearable band developed by Toroto-based Nymi, the B-secure product could potentially have applications across several industries. Including online authentication (banking, services, network log on); building access; car access and car starting (automotive); employee authentication (building access and construction; medical authentication and security.On 13 March, Britain's Halifax bank announced that it created a proof of concept with the Nymi Band that could authenticate users of its mobile banking app.