Acuant & IDology create ID provider

Acuant & IDology create ID provider

GBG,  experts in digital location, identity verification and fraud software, today announced the next step in the company’s growth strategy, uniting Acuant and IDology under the leadership of Christina Luttrell, formerly the CEO of IDology.

To further accelerate global capabilities and ensure a consistent experience with best-of-breed solutions, GBG also announces the formation of a Global Products group led by former Acuant President and CEO Yossi Zekri.

Since the acquisition of Acuant, GBG has already recognized key wins and benefits delivered to customers both directly and via partners, including one of the world’s largest global crypto exchanges and one of the largest Telcos. GBG was also named a Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation.

Chris Clark, Chief Executive Officer at GBG, said: “Following Acuant becoming part of the GBG family, I am delighted the teams are now integrating further to deliver benefits to our existing and future customers.  As we have acquired and built capability over the years, we have always been clear on balancing the global reach of technology and globally relevant products like documents, with strong regional execution that adapts our propositions to the needs of local markets, local regulations and local use cases. I couldn’t be more excited about the next steps in our journey.”

Christina Luttrell, Chief Executive Officer, Americas at GBG, remarked:

“North America is the world’s largest and most developed market globally for identity and fraud solutions and represents a tremendous opportunity for us to join forces in delivering deep expertise and innovation. I am honoured to lead this team forward, united in a mission and stronger together to deliver the very best to our growing client base.”

Yossi Zekri, Executive Officer, Global Product at GBG, stated:

“By combining our strengths, including the most skilled industry experts and inclusive, best-in-class technology that serves all of the world’s population, we are empowering businesses, governments and financial institutions to transact with trust whenever and wherever they need it. It is a thrilling time to be transforming the identity space.”

Vietnam to roll out mobile vaccine passports

Vietnam to roll out mobile vaccine passports

Vietnam will begin issuing vaccine passports starting April 15, the Health Ministry announced Monday.

A representative from the ministry’s Department of Information Technology said localities would confirm people’s vaccination status starting April 8, and vaccine passports would be available starting April 15.

The passport will be accessible on two apps PC Covid-19 or Digital Health. If people don’t have the apps, they can obtain vaccine passports through the health ministry website once they have imputed ID information.

Adoption of the vaccine passports has been piloted since late March for around 1,000 residents of Hanoi who received their jabs at one of the city’s three major hospitals. In Ho Chi Minh City, vaccine passports have already been trialled for those vaccinated at Gia An 115 General Hospital.

“People won’t have vaccine passports if either their vaccination info is wrong or they’re not fully vaccinated,” the representative said, adding that people should re-check their vaccination info themselves to report errors.

Vietnam’s vaccine passport entails info like one’s name, date of birth, the disease which they’re vaccinated against, number of shots and date of vaccination. Data will be encoded into a QR code.

The vaccine passport will be used in conjunction with other personal identification documents like ID cards. Data that identify people will not be encoded into QR codes for security reasons.

Anonybit adds one-to-many

Anonybit adds one-to-many

Anonybit, a pioneer in decentralized biometrics, today announced the addition of one to many identification capabilities to its decentralized biometrics cloud. Anonybit will support fully decentralized deduplication and lookup functionalities for biometrics which enables significant enhancements from a privacy by design perspective to a wide range of use cases. This capability is the first of its kind for the cybersecurity industry.

The company’s award-winning technology breaks down biometrics into anonymized bits and distributes them over a wide network where they are encrypted, stored, and processed for matching. With Anonybit’s unique approach, there is no need to assemble the components to conduct a biometric match, eliminating the risk of a data breach.

“Our goal is to cut off the oxygen that feeds identity thieves by giving them nothing to find and nothing to steal, even if they do manage to break into a network,” said Frances Zelazny, Anonybit co-founder and chief executive officer. “By eliminating central honeypots while still enabling strong authentication of biometrics, we are ushering in a new era for privacy and security, enabled by our innovative decentralized biometrics infrastructure. The one to many capability is a cornerstone to creating this future, allowing governments, enterprises, and other entities to ensure a privacy-first system of record for individuals based on their biometrics. This creates an anchor of trust that supports all other types of deployments, like verifiable credentials, online account access, time and attendance systems, payments and others.”

There have been multiple attempts by the biometric industry to secure biometric data. Any successes have been limited to 1:1 matching which is used for more simple functions like logging into an online service. With today’s breakthrough, we are now one step closer to eliminating centralized honeypots of biometrics entirely, even for complex, large-scale deployments, like access control or government ID applications.

The Anonybit infrastructure supports third-party biometric modalities and algorithms including facial, fingerprint, iris, and voice biometrics. Biometric industry providers can apply their technologies to the Anonybit decentralized biometric cloud and build privacy-by-design solutions that meet the highest standards for data protection in accordance with GDPR, CPRA, and other privacy regulations.


FacePhi to locate its new headquarters in Panoramis

FacePhi to locate its new headquarters in Panoramis

FacePhi, the international company expert in digital identity verification, has completely turned around its current work model and is committed to flexibility and innovation to achieve the maximum well-being of its employees. The company will move its headquarters to the Panoramis Life & Business space in the port of Alicante, a change of location with which it aspires to improve the quality of life of the more than 160 employees at its offices, allowing them to harmonize their personal and professional lives, improving the company’s commitment to work-life balance.  

Among the advantages offered by the Panoramis Life & Business workspace there is the possibility of being able to continue developing cutting-edge technology on the seashore of the Mediterranean, in an environment that has a coworking areas, multipurpose offices, restaurant spaces, gym with sea views, nutritionist and wellness services where work becomes pure inspiration. The relocation of these offices to the heart of Alicante is also in line with the announcement made a few months ago by the company to start applying the four-day working week, which will be implemented throughout 2022.   

“For FacePhi, Alicante is not only the city where we were born, it is also our home and the place where we want to continue developing our technology. Now we want to do it in front of the sea, in a unique environment that symbolizes the quality of life that this area offers” explained Javier Mira, president and CEO of FacePhi. Mira has assured that “for this reason, moving our offices to Panoramis Life & Business is clear proof of the strong commitment we have with the city and its goal of being a driving force for digital transformation in Spain and Europe”.

“We are delighted that a leading multinational technology company such as FacePhi has decided to move its headquarters to this center,” said Maria Llatas, Director of Operations at Panoramis Life & Business. Llatas pointed out that “both parts were clear that we wanted to reach an agreement to make today a reality. We are sure that, from this unique location, equipped with all the necessary strategic services during a working day, it will be possible to improve the productivity and quality of life of the FacePhi team, inspiring them to continue with their amazing growth”.

Notaries At Large choose iDenfy

Notaries At Large choose iDenfy

iDenfy, the global fraud prevention platform, announced its partnership with Notaries At Large, a business that verifies the identity of individuals signing legally binding documents for outside parties. iDenfy will add an extra layer of security to its partners’ services with its digital identity verification.

Notaries protect the public against identity theft. Despite that, practice shows a slightly different reality where con artists succeed at committing multiple crimes. Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 annual data breach report has set a new record for compromised identities, showing a 23% increase compared to the year before in various sectors. This goes to show the importance of security measures. According to Notaries At Large, the e-Notary solution with over 20 years of experience, the first step to battle falsified identities is to be aware of the threats. The company searched for extra fraud prevention services and chose iDenfy’s identity verification.

Notaries At Large ensures that all signatures are adequately secured and that their clients sign the documents safely, with full knowledge and intent. As per the e-notary, their digital signature is often the only acceptable verification of the intent of a signer. That’s why Notaries At Large feels responsible for providing secure service, explaining that documents can impact lives and financial decisions.

iDenfy understands the importance of security and its partner’s role in the virtual business environment. The fraud prevention specialists provide automated identity verification service and the needed confidence to their partner, ensuring that the person signing the document

is who they say they are. According to iDenfy, its verification solution improves operational efficiency without increasing investment in infrastructure.

With the help of artificial intelligence, iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification is completed in less than a minute. The procedure ensures compliance with multiple global regulatory frameworks. According to Notaries At Large, iDenfy’s biometric confirmation and ability to validate IDs online made it possible for them to perform an online notarization since the pandemic made in-person meetings such a high-risk endeavor.

“We’re excited to start a new chapter with iDenfy. We’ve looked for low-friction engagement mechanisms that are safe and user-friendly. At the moment, our signing process is completely fraud-proof. iDenfy helped us ensure that the identity recognition process would be exceptionally smooth.” – expressed Juanita M. Little-Lyons, the owner of Notaries At Large.

Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, commented, “When criminals gain access to personal information, the consequences can be devastating. I’m glad that our partner prioritizes ensuring that all of the clients’ data is protected by a multi-layer security system and that we can contribute to it with our secure identity verification software.”

Identity Week Asia adds 10 new brands to exhibition

Identity Week Asia adds 10 new brands to exhibition

The organisers of Identity Week Asia have confirmed another 10 new brands are exhibiting this year.

Global-leaders including Daon, TOTM Technologies, Regula, AGFA, Spica, Oasys Technologies, BW Papersystems, Cognitec, Desko & Mantra have already confirmed their presence at the region’s leading conference / exhibition dedicated to Identity.

Why do all the biggest brands trust us? They know that the industry comes to our events not only to be inspired and learn about trends, but to source and more importantly, purchase Identity solutions.

Join us this September and get to:

  • Meet top-level decision-makers from ecommerce, finance, travel, government, retail and security
  • Assert your brand leadership
  • Launch new products
  • Generate new revenue opportunities
  • Network with anyone who’s anyone in Identity
  • Sell…
Identity Week London: The benefits of a delegate pass

Identity Week London: The benefits of a delegate pass

The organisers of Identity Week London have noted that speakers the Identity Week Europe ’22 Conference  includes the Department of Homeland Security, Santander, Frontex, Maersk, IATA and more.

Highlights of the programme include:  PANEL: SIMPLIFYING TRAVEL BEYOND COVID-19

✨ Digital ID in Travel ✨

With most countries now looking at what’s next for travel in a post-pandemic world, we’ve put together an elite panel of speakers to give their insights on what IATA, ICAO, the EU Commission and other regulatory bodies are doing to make easier the future of travel. This includes innovations in storing information in or alongside travel credentials and more about the DTC initiative.


Louise Cole,Head Customer Experience & Facilitation, IATA
Rajeshkumar R,Chief Executive, Auctorizium Pte Ltd
Silvia Kolligs-Tuffery,Team Leader Document Security, European Commission
Benoit Poletti, CEO, INCERT, Luxembourg delegate to ICAO TAG/TRIP, IATA CAWG & INTERPOL.


💥 Digital ID in Financial Services 💥

The pandemic has made clear the business advantages for banks that don’t need to rely on branch networks to onboard clients and process transactions. Digital Identity in finance goes beyond preventing crime, it’s becoming a key ingredient to making cross-border payments seamless, cheap and ubiquitous. We’re delighted to welcome our expert panellists to discuss the role of identity in finance and its future.


Martin Ingram, Product Owner IAM, NatWest Group
Elizabeth Garber, VP Digital Products, Santander

With many more sessions already announced,see the full 2-day Agenda here.

iProov adds CIO

iProov adds CIO

iProov, the world leader in biometric face authentication technology, announced today that Miguel Traquina has joined the organization as Chief Information Officer.

“I am delighted to welcome Miguel to iProov, as we further grow our business,” said Andrew Bud, iProov CEO. “The scale and scope of our technology activities are expanding rapidly. Miguel’s extensive experience with financial technology for a major bank complements and extends our team’s outstanding capabilities, enabling us to innovate and operate on more fronts globally.”

iProov processed more online verifications during one 10-day period in 2021 than in the whole of 2020, with more than one million completed in a single day several times throughout the year. With this accelerated growth, iProov plans to enter new geographies and onboard new clients and partners throughout 2022. iProov is also bringing biometric authentication to new use cases, including projects with Eurostar and the National Science Foundation.

“I am excited to be joining iProov at this exciting time for the organization,” said Traquina. “iProov is a company with an ambitious and inspiring mission: to protect people’s identity online across the globe using biometric verification. As we expand our reach and footprint, we must continue to optimize our technology offering for our customers and partners, while vigorously championing consumer privacy and security.”

Prior to joining iProov, Traquina was Chief Information Officer for Operations and Economic Crime at Santander UK, where he had various engineering and transformation roles overseeing multi-disciplinary teams around the world. He began his career with Accenture, running financial services projects in Europe and Latin America.

Uganda to print ePassport, DLs

Uganda to print ePassport, DLs

Uganda plans to produce ePassports and driving licences within the country, according to a plan by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

Winstone Katushabe, the commissioner for Transport Regulation and Safety in the Ministry of Works and Transport says once the Uganda Security Printing Company-(USPC) factory in Entebbe is complete, all the security documents will be locally produced, reported the Independent.

The commissioner announced this at a function to assess USPCs performance since it started its operations in Uganda, a year ago. USPC is a joint venture between the state-owned Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation and Veridos GmbH, a German firm established to run the Uganda Driver Licensing System.

It produces and issues secure, world-class computerized driving licenses. It is also responsible for the issuance of e-passports. Lavrent von Buren, USPC’s Finance Director, says that the production line will cost sh41 billion and the construction work is expected to start a few weeks from now.

He adds that in the first eight months, they expect to have completed two production lines, one for security plastics like driving licenses, and national identity cards and another for paper with security codes like passports.

He adds that although they will start at 20 percent production capacity for paper passports, they are very optimistic that if all goes well, all will be sorted within one and a half years. USPC has managed to issue over 24,189 driving licenses against a target of 300,000 since it started operations on March 1, 2021.

According to Katushabe, under the service level agreement between the ministry and USPC, one of the key performance indicators is to issue a driving license within one hour from the time a client enters their facility, which he says they have done consistently to satisfaction.

Identity Week London: Do you qualify for a free booth?

Identity Week London: Do you qualify for a free booth?

The organisers of Identity Week London have advised that companies can apply for the Start-up Village at Identity Week Europe this June and get a free both and two free conference badges.

Aside from a free booth,there are other perks of being a start-up this year. For instance, they will have the opportunity to meet VCs looking for early-stage opportunities and businesses looking for partnerships and acquisitions.

In terms of brand awareness, companies also get the chance to get their brand in front of the right people.

As a start-up you could have the opportunity to pitch your business in a quick-fire presentation to key buyers and top industry players by joining our Pitch Programme.

Identity Week Europe is also a place to source new products & solutions, from Government, to healthcare, to private business – leverage our event for valuable sales leads.

There are only 100 places, so make sure to apply as soon as possible. See here for more details



Identity Week Americas sees floorplan filling up

Iris secures $39.7 million contract add-on with Tanzania

Iris secures $39.7 million contract add-on with Tanzania

IRIS Corporation, an MSC-status technology innovator and leading provider of Trusted Identification (ID) products and solutions announced today that it has successfully inked a contract addendum worth US$39.70 million or approximately  RM167.61 million from Tanzania’s National Identification Authority (“NIDA”).  

The contract addendum signed between IRIS and NIDA entails the delivery of Tanzania e Identification (“eID”) cards and services for a period of 18 months, which is expected to provide  IRIS with earnings visibility over the contract delivery period.  

“I am very delighted with the contract to continue our services of delivering reliable and secure  national eID cards and services for the Tanzanian citizens. IRIS was first awarded with a contract by  NIDA to supply Tanzanian national eID cards and services in April 2011. Essentially, this addendum reflects highly on IRIS’ capabilities within the global Trusted Identification industry and is a  testament of confidence from international governments towards our expertise. Moving forward,  we will continue to make a conscious effort to grow our business both locally and internationally  while working towards delivering on our existing projects at hand. These projects will drive our  continued growth as we continue to pursue new opportunities in our targeted regions to help IRIS  maximize shareholders’ value,” said Shaiful Subhan, the Group Chief Executive Officer of IRIS. 



Spirit introduces self-bag drop experience at ATL

Spirit introduces self-bag drop experience at ATL

Spirit Airlines has unveiled the “Best Airport Innovation” of 2021 is now in operation at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and is already streamlining the check-in experience.

Spirit’s Guests at ATL are seeing shorter check-in times thanks to Spirit’s automated self-bag drop with biometric photo-matching system, which represents a new paradigm for the U.S. airline industry. “Self-bag drop” systems allow for self-service so Guests can check bags directly without working with an agent.

These systems are widely used at major international airports and have been growing in acceptance in the U.S. The machines are equipped with a biometric photo-matching system that compares a scan of government-issued identification with a photo of the Guest for verification.

Following an initial testing period at ATL with both manual ID check and biometric opt-in, the solution will eliminate the need to hand government-issued identification to an agent when checking baggage.

Spirit developed the nation’s first biometric photo-matching solution for domestic air travel in 2019 with its partner Materna Intelligent Passenger Solutions (IPS) North America. Spirit was also the first to pursue combining it with automated self-bag drop capabilities to reduce face-to-face interaction.

The system is also operating at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Chicago O’Hare (ORD) and Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), and it was recently recognized for two prestigious awards: The “2021 Best Airport Innovation” by the APEX/IFSA Awards, and also a Gold Stevie Award winner for The Best New Transportation Product or Service in The 2021 American Business Awards.

Here’s how the solution works:

• Guests start by tagging their own checked bags after checking in at the kiosk and then proceed to the self-bag drops.

• Guests are advised of the biometric option after scanning their boarding pass at the self-bag drop unit. They may either opt in and continue unassisted or opt out for agent-assisted service.

• Once the Guest opts in, the unit instructs them to scan their ID on the built-in hardware. • The unit compares its scan of the photo on the ID with a facial scan captured by its on-board camera, along with comparing ID information with the Guest’s reservation details. None of the data is transmitted to any government agency.

• A successful match initiates the rest of the bag check-in process. Guests are instructed to place their bags on the conveyor belt attached to the unit, which then scans the bags, weighs them, accepts payment for any additional services, and sends them straight into their airport’s checked baggage system without further action from the Guest.

“We’re on a mission to find innovative opportunities to continue improving every facet of the Guest experience, to include this investment in self-service so Guests spend less time in lobbies,” said Mike Byrom, Vice President of Airport Services for Spirit Airlines. “Our Guests are tech-savvy, and they appreciate options for controlling their travel journey. Another reason why the technology is advantageous for Guests is because it complements our staffing and helps preserve consistency of service.”

“Hartsfield-Jackson prides itself on its efficiency and safety,” said ATL general manager Balram Bheodari. “Through advances in innovation, this project is designed to increase both, and we welcome such efforts.” Spirit Guests currently check an annual daily average of about 1,000 bags at ATL, and each of which represents a face-to-face interaction that can be streamlined. Testing data shows the new procedure drops average processing time to just 70 seconds per Guest, reducing time spent at bag check by 30 percent.

Additionally, Guests can take advantage of the time savings and reduction in interactions whether they’re travelling domestically or internationally. The self-bag drop system uses software capable of analyzing key physical features on more than 50,000 forms of ID from nearly 200 countries that a Guest could potentially use when travelling in the United States. Combined with the units’ scanning hardware, the software confirms the authenticity of an ID and rejects fraudulent documents as Guests check their baggage.

Fraport to partner with Zwipe on project with Zwipe Access

Fraport to partner with Zwipe on project with Zwipe Access

Zwipe, a leading provider of on-card biometric solutions, confirms that its biometric access control solution, Zwipe Access, has been selected by Fraport AG as one of two partners in Fraport’s “Biometrics@Controllane” project.

Fraport AG – which ranks among the world’s leading companies in the global airport business – offers a full range of integrated airport management services and boasts subsidiaries and investments around the globe. It operates within 31 airports globally, including the main airports in Frankfurt (FRA), New York (JFK), New Jersey (EWR), Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Cleveland (CLE), Nashville (BNA), Pittsburgh (PIT) and Delhi, India (DEL). Fraport has recently launched a project within its Digital Factory to identify the optimal solution for performing a biometric comparison between the airport ID card and the person requesting access. The technology is planned to be used on a few selected security checkpoints first.

Zwipe Access is a new, highly secure and at the same time easy to handle biometric smart card solution for access control. It is battery-less and fully compatible with market-leading card-based access control infrastructures. Zwipe Access adds two-factor authentication to existing contactless card-based access control systems without the need to upgrade any of the existing infrastructures, meaning that no new readers, pin pads or cameras need be installed at the doors, gates, or turnstiles. The biometric authentication provides assurance that only the legitimate person is granted access.

“We are delighted to be selected as finalists in this MVP process for Fraport AG, a lighthouse and leading innovator in the global airport industry. We look forward to demonstrating the security and excellent user experience of Zwipe Access in this MVP over the course of this summer. Authenticating legitimate access card holders, Zwipe Access provides a step change in security and control without changing the existing backend infrastructures and thereby saving cost and time,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.

CBP expands facial biometrics to Alabama Cruise Ship Terminal

CBP expands facial biometrics to Alabama Cruise Ship Terminal

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in partnership with Carnival Cruise Line, expanded the use of facial biometrics into the debarkation process at the Port of Mobile, AL, becoming the latest seaport to modernize efforts to revolutionize cruise travel.

“As we prepare for the increase in cruise travel around our nation’s ports, CBP is working closely with the cruise industry to make travel safer and more efficient, while also supporting travel recovery efforts,” said Steven Stavinoha, Director, Field Operations for CBP’s Gulf Coast Field Office. “The biometric facial comparison process adds an extra layer of security and streamlines travel into the United States by replacing the manual inspection of travel documents with a secure, touchless process.”

When debarking the cruise vessel at a U.S. seaport, passengers will pause for a photo that will be compared to the traveler’s existing passport or visa photo in secure DHS systems to biometrically verify their identity. Upon an efficient match, passengers are allowed to proceed through inspections and exit the terminal. This innovative entry process further secures and enhances the customer experience while protecting the privacy of all travelers. The enhanced arrival process using facial biometrics verifies the traveler’s identity within two seconds and is more than 98% accurate.

U.S. travelers and select foreign nationals who are not required to provide biometrics and wish to opt out of the new biometric process can simply request a manual document check from a CBP Officer consistent with existing requirements for admission into the United States.

Already in use at major air and land ports of entry, facial biometrics in the cruise environment will strengthen CBP’s enforcement capabilities at several of the nation’s cruise ports while also enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, CBP and its cruise partners have expanded data sharing agreements to further strengthen security in cruise travel.

Currently, more than 146 million travelers have participated in the biometric facial comparison process at air, land, and sea ports of entry. Since September 2018, CBP has leveraged facial biometrics to prevent more than 1,300 impostors using genuine travel documents from illegally entering the United States at air and land Ports of Entry. More information on CBP’s use of biometric facial comparison technology to secure and streamline the arrival and departure process can be found here.

Mitek Acquires UK-based HooYu in All Cash GBP 98 Million Deal

Mitek Acquires UK-based HooYu in All Cash GBP 98 Million Deal

Mitek (NASDAQ: MITK), a global leader in digital identity (ID) verification and fraud prevention, today announced the acquisition of UK’s leading KYC (know your customer) technology pioneers, HooYu. The acquisition helps to ensure businesses know the true identity of their customers by linking biometric verification with real-time bureau and sanction database checks.

The United Nations (UN) estimates that up to *three percent of the world’s GDP – or nearly two trillion dollars – is money laundered annually. The increased regulatory eye, together with the rise in cryptocurrency and NFT markets, means criminals have more avenues and more incentive than ever to launder their money. The need to identify and stop sanctioned and politically exposed people (PEP) from interacting with business has never been greater. As sanction lists continue to update, enterprises grapple with continuing to stay compliant.

“Our current geopolitical, commercial and technological environment represents a perfect storm for bad actors. Mitek is leading the fight against fraud by providing the technology that businesses need to stamp out digital money launderers and sanctioned individuals,” said Max Carnecchia, CEO Mitek Systems. “The only way to combat this scourge is to use artificial intelligence (AI) and stop bad transactions before they happen.”

Through this acquisition, organizations gain a more complete picture of the consumer by marrying biometrics, ID document validation, geolocation and identity confidence scoring with real-time data signals such as bureau checks or matches to politically exposed person or sanction lists. HooYu’s innovative orchestration capabilities will enable Mitek customers to optimize workflows and accelerate the deployment of identity solutions across channels.

“Having a single platform that easily orchestrates and configures a KYC journey to manage identities and identify bad actors is becoming a prerequisite for any business transacting digitally,” said HooYu CEO Keith Marsden. “Bringing together Mitek’s lead in identity, liveness and biometrics, with our orchestration, configuration and journey services simplifies identity management for financial institutions.”

The global digital identity solutions market size is projected to grow from USD 23.3 Billion in 2021 to USD 49.5 Billion by 2026, recording a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.2% from 2021 to 2026. The market’s growth can be attributed to the increase in instances of identity-related frauds and data breaches and the need for compliance with various upcoming regulations. – Digital Identity Solutions report by MarketsandMarkets

“Mitek builds trust in the digital world, which we need now more than ever,” added Carnecchia. “This past year, Mitek continued to demonstrate our commitment to fighting fraud – both with the acquisition of ID R&D and now with HooYu. We deeply respect HooYu’s heritage as a UK-founded technology company, operating in the global financial services hub, and one of the most highly regulated markets. The combination of both companies’ technologies now gives our customers the most comprehensive identity platform on the market today.”

Conference call information

Avast to Acquire SecureKey Technologies

Avast to Acquire SecureKey Technologies

Avast (LSE:AVST), a global leader in digital security and privacy, today announced the acquisition of SecureKey Technologies, a global provider of digital identity and authentication solutions headquartered in Canada. SecureKey’s next generation privacy-enhancing services are focused on simplifying access to online services while giving control back to consumers by ensuring the information they share with others is only ever with their explicit consent.

Identity and Authentication and reusable digital identity services are expected to grow to $266bn by 2027 with a CAGR of 68.9%, according to Liminal (formerly OWI), the digital identity specialists, with the private sector to capture the majority of this growth. SecureKey’s mission has been to simplify consumer access to secure online services and applications, such as government, healthcare, and financial account opening, utilizing secure digital versions of the credentials they already have and trust.

“We envisage a global and reusable digital identity framework which will underpin a new trust layer for the internet,” said Ondrej Vlcek, CEO, Avast. “It’s clear that digital identity is the critical enabler for many digital services and SecureKey’s success reflects the growing demand for this from consumers. SecureKey is highly complementary to Avast’s prior work in Identity and together we will take our offer to the next level, accelerating innovation and working to establish a user-focused, global approach that aligns user, business, and government propositions. We are committed to developing offerings that will be fully inclusive for everyone, regardless of their own circumstances.”

Services developed by SecureKey include those currently known as Verified.Me, a first-of-its-kind, distributed digital identity verification network, and Government Sign-In by Verified.Me for convenient login to hundreds of government online services and applications. Both services are provided by Interac Corp. under an exclusive Canadian licensing arrangement. SecureKey’s digital identity solutions enable over 200 million secure digital ID transactions per year globally. SecureKey’s continued investments will support emerging digital identity standards and solutions, including DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) and Verifiable Credentials, to further empower digital trust networks and ecosystems enabling true user centric control.

“SecureKey’s vision has been to revolutionize the way consumers and organizations approach identity and the sharing of personal information in the digital age. By working closely with governments, financial institutions and businesses, we have an established track record of trusted and mature identity networks that provide consumers with the secure digital capabilities they deserve,” said Greg Wolfond, CEO, SecureKey. “Combining forces with Avast enables us to innovate further and faster with our technology as we together look to build a more trustworthy future for all internet users.”

“The maturity of the SecureKey hybrid federation, bank ID, and decentralized technology suite and history of strong operational delivery in Canada for discerning financial services and government customers & partners positions Avast for geographic expansion. As the European community is investing in public-private sector digital identity infrastructure in 2022 and beyond, we see Avast well positioned as a collaborative provider of digital trust services for people, digital businesses and government,” said Charles Walton, General Manager and SVP Identity, Avast. “Success for us is where digital identity becomes simple, user-centric and portable, and can enable a more trustworthy digital experience and deeper online engagement benefiting both people and business.” Announces 2021 Operational and Financial Results Announces 2021 Operational and Financial Results [Nasdaq: AUID] a leading provider of secure, mobile, biometric identity authentication, today reported financial and operating results for the year ended December 31, 2021.

Since the Company’s rebrand to in June 2021, significant progress has been made on its strategic objectives, including completing an uplisting to Nasdaq and an $11.5M investment round in August. authID also strengthened and diversified its Board of Directors and management team which has focused on promoting the Company’s brand, and innovating its Verified Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform to enhance the user experience and drive adoption. The issuance and notice of allowance of patents received in the last six months secures strong protection for its innovative technology, and continues to set apart.

Financial Results for the Year Ended December 31, 2021

  • Total revenue was $2.3 million, compared with $2.1 million for the year ended December 31, 2020.
  • Net loss was $17.7 million, compared with a net loss of $11.3 million for the year ended December 31, 2020.
  • Basic and fully diluted net loss per share for the year ended December 31,2021 was $0.83 compared with $0.63 for 2020.
  • Adjusted EBITDA loss was $8.96 million, compared with $5.18 million for the year ended December 2020. The increased adjusted EBITDA loss reflects increased investment in product management, sales, marketing, and technology during the period.
  • Cash and cash equivalents as of December 2021 was $6.0 million.
  • Subsequent to year end, the Company secured additional financing of approximately $22.5 million before fees, commissions and expenses by a convertible debt offering, common stock sale and a standby credit facility. These resources when combined with cash on hand are estimated to provide sufficient cash for budgeted operations through 2023. Additional details of the financing round can be found in’s Form 8-K filed today.
100 speakers now added to Identity Week Europe 2022 line-up

100 speakers now added to Identity Week Europe 2022 line-up

Mitek Acquires UK-based HooYu in All Cash GBP 98 Million Deal

iDenfy teams up with Confirmo

iDenfy, a fraud prevention and identity verification business, teams up with Confirmo, the blockchain payment solution provider. iDenfy’s verification service will assess the risks by welcoming valid customers to Confirmo’s network. 

During the past few years, the digital sphere was heavily influenced by bad actors. Hackers continue to exploit the pandemic in 2022. Remote and hybrid work structures created new opportunities for scammers to strike in the public and private sectors. The emerging segment of the blockchain niche isn’t an exception. According to CNBC, scammers set a record of $14 billion in cryptocurrency last year, and losses from blockchain-related crime rose 79% from 2020; therefore, many believe that every business is exposed to cybersecurity threats. 

The rising numbers motivated Confirmo to look for new, innovative fraud prevention solutions. That’s when the company chose iDenfy’s automated identity verification solution as an extra step in the battle against fraud. Confirmo operates a European cryptocurrency payment gateway and is best known for its crypto exchange project Coinmate. The e-commerce blockchain payments platform ensures safe transactions by providing user-friendly options to make fast purchases in crypto. According to the enterprise, the mission is to educate ordinary internet users about blockchain, making secure trades accessible in local currency.

The new challenges of cybersecurity push iDenfy to create advanced solutions and safeguard businesses from data breaches, identity theft, or money laundering activities. The fraud prevention enterprise’s digital identity verification will assist its partners in terms of security – the newly implemented solution will automatically scan personal documents, detect fraud patterns and any inconsistencies. iDenfy is one of the few companies in the market that guarantees accurate results not only with AI-powered algorithms but also with a real, in-house team of experts.

The company also provides a customized and flexible experience. If preferred, companies can add extra fraud prevention solutions along with the identity verification service. According to Confirmo, it already improved customer onboarding, as iDenfy carries out the whole administration process and ensures its customers’ security. As one of the other benefits, Confirmo also explained that the verification process with iDenfy is now provided in different local languages, which makes the process easier for its customers, adding that “It was an advantage that no other service provided.”

We’re delighted to work with iDenfy. Previously, we struggled with a longer identity verification process. I’m glad that due to this partnership, the service now is user-friendly and offers a higher proportion of successfully completed verifications.” stated Dan Houska, CEO of Confirmo.

This partnership is another step towards a safer digital experience. We’re proud to partner with Confirmo, a great, responsible enterprise that prioritizes security and cares about the future of its customers.” – said Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy.