Face Forensics has extended its image matching capabilities to finding any object in an existing database
containing images, regardless of format, size, and even if only partially visible. Using an enhanced
version of its crime scene matching technology together with image enhancement, objects as large as
buildings and as small as a ring can be matched.

Coupled with enhancements to its tattoo and face
recognition algorithms, the f2 Image Recognition Suite is an indispensable addition to any agency’s
forensic capabilities.

The system includes automatic analysis and enrollment of the pattern and other characteristics of
images in a database, automatic batch import and enrollment of images in a folder, and automatic
detection and enrollment of new images that are added to external databases.
Images, and the objects in them, can be of anything solid with distinguishing features, e.g. vehicles,
flags, logos, jewellery, etc.

The software can be used stand-alone or integrated into existing systems, and there is no limit to the size of the databases to be searched.

The f2 Image Recognition Suite and the modules in it are available as a stand-alone/networked
application, as a .NET SDK, and as a web service. It connects easily to images in existing industry-
standard databases.

The suite is available for evaluation at no charge by government agencies and suppliers to them. Full
online assistance is available.