Vietnam will begin issuing vaccine passports starting April 15, the Health Ministry announced Monday.

A representative from the ministry’s Department of Information Technology said localities would confirm people’s vaccination status starting April 8, and vaccine passports would be available starting April 15.

The passport will be accessible on two apps PC Covid-19 or Digital Health. If people don’t have the apps, they can obtain vaccine passports through the health ministry website once they have imputed ID information.

Adoption of the vaccine passports has been piloted since late March for around 1,000 residents of Hanoi who received their jabs at one of the city’s three major hospitals. In Ho Chi Minh City, vaccine passports have already been trialled for those vaccinated at Gia An 115 General Hospital.

“People won’t have vaccine passports if either their vaccination info is wrong or they’re not fully vaccinated,” the representative said, adding that people should re-check their vaccination info themselves to report errors.

Vietnam’s vaccine passport entails info like one’s name, date of birth, the disease which they’re vaccinated against, number of shots and date of vaccination. Data will be encoded into a QR code.

The vaccine passport will be used in conjunction with other personal identification documents like ID cards. Data that identify people will not be encoded into QR codes for security reasons.