Fingerprint enhancement solutions company Applied World Solutions will be showcasing its key product at connect:ID 2017.The company was founded by Justin Turvey, a police officer and former U.S. Marine Sergeant, who saw the need for a better fingerprint image.He invented the proprietary and patent pending solid, called Minutia Advancement Paste or M.A.P. The product is applied to the palm and fingertips and allows the fingerprint live scan system to capture the best possible image on the first attempt.”While I was working with the bureau of criminal investigations in Plymouth County in Massachusetts, I saw the need to find a way to solve more crimes with the use of biometrics,” said Turvey. “The better the print, the more likely you will be to find a match within the system. This product can improve the process and create a safer community.”Turvey said in addition to solving more crimes, M.A.P. can also increase the accuracy of biometric scans used in security systems throughout the world. The product can be applied to the fingers and palms to improve the image of the prints. It darkens light images caused by dry skin, provides an even contrast over the entire scan and provides crisp scans of ridge detail.”The paste contains a moisturizing agent that slightly swells the ridges on the fingers and palms, allowing for a more accurate and detailed print,” said Turvey. “It is a safe product that is less likely to spread germs, uses natural oils that lead to clearer images and it is alcohol free. There is no chance of interfering in breathalyzer tests or of degrading the silicone pads used on some scanning machines.”Applied World Solutions will be presenting a session about the product in the Knowledge Exchange, a free seminar area for all exhibition visitors, on Day 2. See here for details.