Apple has extended the functionality in the latest version of its mobile operating system to offer fingerprint security for personal data.In iOS 9.3, fingerprint security is also used to protect sensitive data like bank details, medical data and web logins in the Notes app.A second layer of biometric security helps protect this data from intrusions, noted the tech megalith.Originally used to login and authorise iTunes purchases when it was introduced in 2013 with the iPhone 5S, Touch ID has since being opened up to developers and is now used in myriad apps.In other news less positive news related to Touch ID, a survey this week found that 38 percent of all Apple Pay transaction volume comes from in-app purchases, with only 62 percent of purchases made in-store.In a press release from Phoenix Marketing International, Greg Weed, director of card research at the company, suggested that “the number of acceptance locations [for Apple Pay] is relatively small (but growing) and the incidence of reported friction at the point-of-sale is high.”