Cybersecurity firm intercede has launched a cloud-based service called MyTAM that enables Android app developers to deploy trusted applications, including biometric solutions, to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on Android devices.Chip manufacturers developed the Trusted Execution Environment to prevent hackers gaining access to details on phones, and TEEs have since been used for devices using biometric authentication such as fingerprints, facial recognition and voice already store the user data.For instance, Intel's True Key biometric authentication solution plans to use TEE, as a company representative confirmed to Planet Biometrics. Mobile wallets and other payment services can also store personal sensitive data and financial data.The MyTAM app will use an Intercede platform trusted by US and UK governments, police, aerospace and defense organizations and telecommunications providers to provide mission critical solutions. The platform offers end-to-end encryption of app loading, signed operations, signed audit trail and multi-level security in the cloud and on the device.Trusted apps will then registered with the MyTAM service, and client libraries are provided to allow app developers to make use of the service without having to worry about how it operates or applying the appropriate security.