Anderson University has announced a partnership with Daon, a global leader in identity management and biometric technology.In the fall semester, AU will be the higher education pilot institution to adopt Daon's IdentityX Health solution. This app will allow for daily COVID-19 health screenings for students, faculty, and staff. AU holds great pride in its values-driven culture. IdentityX Health creates an opportunity for the university to continue to demonstrate and live out these values as a community amidst this crisis.Members of the campus community will engage in a daily self-screening that includes a temperature and symptom list. If a screening yields a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, they will be connected to campus health professionals to receive testing and resources that may be needed for their care. The individual's contacts will then be notified for follow-up. Through introducing these public health safety protocols across campus, each person is surrounded by resources and support.”This solution will allow us to detect cases on campus and respond with a full set of resources for faculty, staff, and students,” said Dr. Sarah Neal, professor of nursing and head of the AU COVID-19 task force. “We will be able to communicate important messages in a timely manner, and manage isolation and quarantine more effectively. Most importantly, Daon's IdentityX Health will offer our campus community the ability to return to campus with a measure of safety that wouldn't otherwise be possible.””At Daon, we believe that identity is a critically enabling component for the public's return to social and economic normalcy, while also increasing resilience against future health security threats,” said Daon CEO, Tom Grissen. “We couldn't be prouder to work with a university that shares our vision for building technology that helps restore the confidence of students, faculty, and staff, and protects their wellness and safety.” In times such as this, it is crucial to be under great leadership. Before becoming President at Anderson University in 2015, John Pistole held leadership roles in the FBI and TSA. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, Pistole was placed in charge of the FBI's counterterrorism program, eventually becoming the FBI's Executive Assistant Director for national security. In 2004, Pistole was named Deputy Director for the FBI. Since the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, Pistole contributed to the formation of terrorism policies during both the Bush and Obama administrations.His leadership experience in crisis has made him an expert in risk management and mitigation, and a vital resource in protecting the safety of AU community during the Covid-19 pandemic. Through his decades spent in public service, Pistole benefitted by working with innovative problem solvers such as John Sanders, now the President of Emerging Markets of Daon. Sanders, now a Trustee at AU, is facilitating this partnership between Daon and AU. The pandemic has presented a number of challenges to higher education,” said Pistole. “Daon's software and expertise will help Anderson University provide the safest possible campus to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.”