Alfa-Bank offered its customers the opportunity to renew their IDs data directly in the mobile application. The new service allows you to update data if the ID document is replaced, lost, or for other reasons – you do not have to visit the office for this purpose. The solution was implemented in partnership with Smart Engines thanks to their high-precision ID scanner technology based on energy-efficient AI algorithms.

To update the data, you need to open the bank’s mobile app, select the menu item “My Data” and place the new ID in front of the smartphone. The OCR is performed in real time using the video stream of the smartphone’s camera. After ID scanning, the client confirms the data before transferring it into the bank’s system. Personal data images are not transferred to any third-party services for processing and instead are communicated directly to the bank, to ensure maximum security.

“Previously, the customer had to visit the bank’s office for any banking service. Now almost any service is remotely available, and even, for example, the ID data can be updated in the bank’s mobile application on the same day as your new document was issued,” said Damir Battulin, Senior Vice President, Head, Online Development Department, Alfa-Bank.

“The technologies we offer are secure because no external services come between the client and the bank. They do not require high-performance computing power and work even on low-end mobile devices. We are members of the UN Global Compact, and our products follow the principles of the global ESG strategy,” said Vladimir Arlazarov, CEO of Smart Engines, Ph.D