iProov, a leader of Genuine Presence Assurance technology, were exhibiting and Gold Sponsors at Identity Week America, in October.

Between taking to lively sessions and manning their busy stand, SVP Americas, Ajay Amlani had time to share their recent successful applications in this interview with Evie Kim Sing, Editor of IdentityWeek.net.

The last couple of decades have marked successes for iProov, namely their involvement in the US visitor program with the US Department of Homeland Security in 2003. Excited eyes were starting to take notice of biometrics and the myriad of benefits which this profiling technology could provide to businesses, personal security and more.

iProov were greeted in the US market with biometric solutions that recognised genuine users as well as bad actors without friction.

“The evolution of biometrics from a physical layout to a digital layout to allow remote involvement and application…has been a tremendous achievement for the industry itself”.

Genuine Presence Assurance ensures any anomalous user has a genuine identity and is authenticating in real time.