University of Bradford researchers have developed a new AI platform that can determine one's sex based on a photograph of their smile, and potentially their identity,The new research is the first to use the dynamic movement of the smile to automatically distinguish between men and women.For the study the researchers mapped out 49 facial landmarks, found mostly around the eyes, down the nose and near the mouth.'They used these to assess how the face changes as we smile caused by the underlying muscle movements – including both changes in distances between the different points and the “flow” of the smile: how much, how far and how fast the different points on the face moved as the smile was formed,' the analysis said.Researcher Professor Hassan Ugail said: 'Because this system measures the underlying muscle movement of the face during a smile, we believe these dynamics will remain the same even if external physical features change, following surgery, for example.'This kind of facial recognition could become a next-generation biometric, as it's not dependent on one feature but on a dynamic that's unique to an individual and would be very difficult to mimic or alter.'