Smaller ride-sharing firms have revealed plans to target Austin after Uber and Lyft said they would leave the Texas capital over fingerprinting laws.Startups including Fasten, Get Me, RideAustin, Fare, Wingz and zTrip have all agreed to abide by the biometric rule.”We follow every rule. That is who we are, and we believe in fingerprinting,” Jonathan Laramy, co-founder of Texas-based Get Me, told Reuters.The Austin mayor's office has reported being flooded with angry letters from Uber and Lyft customers wanting their services back.Earlier this week, a council member in Austin, Texas who supports Uber's efforts to forego fingerprint checks for drivers in the city, filed a new lawsuit challenging legislation on the matter. Donald Zimmerman has filed a suit that seeks to overturn an earlier vote in May that saw the public reject an earlier attempt to roll bank fingerprint requirements. That month, the Austin public voted against any changes to a transportation ordinance passed by the City Council in December requiring the fingerprint checks.