“It’s the best passport reader we have ever created” – says the well-known pioneer of image processing and ID verification, Adaptive Recognition (formerly ARH). The company has just launched its brand new passport reader device, named Osmond.

The result of a several year-long development process is acknowledged by the manufacturer as the following:”We selected our most sophisticated ID document authentication developments then put them together in one new innovation – and added such extras that make it really stand out on the market” – Laszlo Kis, CEO of Adaptive Recognition.

Osmond is a compact full-page e-passport reader device, designed for OCR data extraction and automated document verification. In fact, it’s not only another ID scanner unit – but almost like a new bridge between 1st line authentication and thorough 2nd line checks.

Besides the frequently used infrared and UV illuminations, Adaptive Recognition added oblique light as well, which offers easy verification of tactile / embossed security features – a feature that is often present in types of large document verification equipments, but not in compact scanners.

The device has a stunning 700dpi resolution image scanning performance, allowing the user to visualize even some types of microprints and delicate background graphics, too, which was also a privilege of 2nd line authentication earlier.

Moreover, Osmond’s scanning window is slightly larger than a passport’s data page, making it convenient to scan the document without removing it from its case – or to scan documents that are not fully compliant with the size standards.Of course, the unit offers the must-have data reading functions, such as MRZ recognition and RFID reading, but performs these tasks surprisingly fast, literally in a blink of the eye: with some settings, the user can achieve less than a second (!) scanning time for image scanning and OCR.Data reading does not stop at MRZ and RFID.

Adaptive Recognition has just launched its upgraded ID verification software, including VIZ OCR and sophisticated pattern matching authentication with the support of 5,000+ worldwide document types (and constantly growing). Also, the scanner – such as earlier models – is compatible with 3rd party verification software products, too.Adaptive Recognition also informed us that Osmond has already proven its performance in some special projects with very promising results, but due to confidentiality agreements, these cannot be shared yet.