A Canadian digital identity firm is empowering a safer recovery for event venues on the Las Vegas Strip through its secure blockchain health passport and data network. 1D Network (1D Network) launched its pilot at Expo Recovery, a conference created to highlight how innovation can help the events sector safely return to normal.Leading members of the USA events industry were in attendance and given active demonstrations of the company's passport as they went through the health screening process. Data on the 1D Network is transformed into secure credential tokens which are automatically authenticated on the network, and individuals control access to their data through a scannable QR-code pass.The result is a "Safe Island" – a zone of enhanced health safety and monitoring. The solution was designed to support the recovery of sectors like aviation and live events, including the $10B Las Vegas conferences industry.1D Network's CEO, Alexis Pappas, said that Safe Islands was developed to empower both organizations and individuals. "There is an urgent need to transform how industries manage identity, health data and credentials, and technologies like the 1D Pass put control over personal information back where it belongs – in the hands of the individual who owns it."1D Network's recovery system is built on global technology and software firm R3's Corda blockchain, the world's largest and only NIST-compliant blockchain platform, using AWS cloud services."Our commercial Corda applications were built for transactions and ESG compliance in the global oil and gas industry," said James Graham, CEO of GuildOne Inc. (GuildOne) and 1D Network co-founder. "Partnering in 1D Network is a new opportunity for our technologies to support a safer recovery across industries."1D Network provides the data infrastructure for innovative smart screening facilities developed by Toronto-based Citizen Care Pods Corp. and Calgary digital workforce management company and 1D Network co-founder Connectus Global.Citizen Care Pods are mobile, hygienic testing units supported by Honeywell technologies like RTLS for social distancing monitoring and are deployed at schools including the University of Denver and health care and industrial facilities.The Safe Islands pod will remain in Vegas to support safer venues, concerts and conferences. The company says it intends to launch new applications over the coming months for aviation and industrial access management.