AndrÉ Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe, says his company is enjoying strong traction in the payments industry with solid operational and commercial progress this fall and early winter. “industry are engaging with Zwipe because of our full dedication to biometric payment solutions, and our leading technology platform, Zwipe Pay ONE. To support our global efforts, we have recruited seasoned experts, both commercial and technical, from leading companies to accelerate our mission of bringing the next generation contactless payment solutions globally. “Our collaboration with TietoEVRY, a leader in payment services in the Nordics and Baltics, has already proven highly effective in accelerating commercialisation of Zwipe Pay ONE. Within weeks of our go-to-market agreement we jointly secured the first pilot on Zwipe Pay ONE with OP, the largest Financial Services Group in Finland. The bank aims to bring biometric payment cards to the market after the pilot. At the same time, many more dialogues with banks are ongoing, boding well for further commercialization in Europe and beyond. “We continued to leverage and expand our strong global partner network. In the last six weeks alone, we consolidated our position in the Middle East significantly, cementing and finalising our technology and go-to-market partnerships with three leading players in card payments, areeba, Inkript and VeriTech. Our partners have already started to put biometric payments on the agenda of leading issuers in the Middle East. We are also gaining momentum in other fast-moving regions. During the year, we also announced five new smart card manufacturing customers (in Asia, LATAM and Europe) and some first small orders. “In 2020 we have experienced increased interest in biometric payment cards with commercial activities picking up and first rollouts finally commencing on certified biometric card platforms. We look forward to more such rollouts during 2021 as the now mobilized ecosystem gains pace. “Market studies from the Nordics, the UK and the United States show strong demand from consumers for safer and more secure contact-free payments. A vast majority of consumers want their next payment cards to be biometric, and 1 in 2 is even prepared to pay a meaningful fee to the issuers for all the benefits that next generation cards deliver. We seem to face a broad, mass market demand, rather than a niche market demand only. Consequently, the long-term potential of the market for biometric payment cards (BPCs) seems to be much larger than previously anticipated. The recent ABI Research report on BPCs pointed to the likely long-term scenario that biometric payment cards will eventually take over from today's contactless cards. In fact, I believe that biometrics will be as ubiquitous in payment cards towards the end of this decade as it is in mobile phones today. “We announced the first commitment for a pilot on Zwipe Pay ONE in 2020 and expect many more to come, laying the foundations for the first commercial deployments in 2021. While COVID-19 did cause some delays across some parts of our ecosystem, we also experienced an unprecedented acceleration in our engagements with issuers and card manufacturers in H2 2020. We are confident that our continuous progress and strategic go-to-market partnerships, as well as our technological leadership in biometric payment, are laying the foundation for a long journey of value creation for our customers, our shareholders and for society at large. We remain focused on securing important commercial wins going forward.