ID R&D, a biometric solutions provider offering AI-based voice, face and behavioral user authentication and anti-spoofing capabilities, has announced that its ISO 30107-3 compliant passive facial liveness product, IDLive Face, has been selected by digital onboarding innovator, Zenoo. IDLive Face strengthens security during online identity verification without adding extra steps or complexity to the process.Liveness detection is critical to stopping scammers from spoofing identity verification that relies on face biometrics. Most liveness detection solutions require users to perform actions such as blinking, turning their head, or moving their mobile phone back and forth. Others claim to be passive but make users endure annoying processes such as flashing colored lights. Active solutions add friction to the process which increases application abandonment rates and the cost of new customer acquisition – something that does not align with Zenoo's commitment to delivering simple and fast customer onboarding journeys that result in higher conversions.”Consumers today expect the ability to quickly and easily open new accounts and sign up for services online. Businesses face the challenge of making the onboarding process secure without frustrating users to the point where they take their business elsewhere,” says Stuart Watkins, CEO Zenoo. “ID R&D's passive liveness check provides a way to further enhance security without sacrificing the user experience,” added Watkins.Strong identity verification is critical to digital onboarding, especially for financial institutions which must comply with regulations such as Know Your Customer (KYC). However, it's not just banks that require secure onboarding. In fact, the first Zenoo client to use the ID R&D technology will be the innovative real estate platform, Homepie. Homepie is disrupting the way people buy and sell real-estate by taking the broker out of the process. The ability to efficiently verify buyers before they tour a seller's property is a safety measure that is necessary when building a trusted marketplace.IDLive Face will be available to Zenoo clients as a ready-to-use connector that works with any facial recognition software. The software performs a liveness check on the same selfie that is used for matching the customer to the photo on their government-issued ID.”New account fraud is on the rise in financial services. Identity proofing aims to stop scammers but it's not very hard to spoof and there is a growing need to strengthen remote verification processes for the safety of businesses and users alike,” says Alexey Khitrov, President of ID R&D. “That said, consumers are less tolerant than ever when it comes to interactions that are time consuming and frustrating. That's why passive facial liveness is so important as part of a frictionless identity verification process.”