The UK government’s centralised Login-dot-gov could be opened up to other department benefits services to crack down on fraud authentication.

The State of the Union in 2022 promised a federated Login-dot-gov system which would provide legitimate access to public benefits programs, that alone have been hit by $60 billion loses in fraudulent login attempts from an 18 month period starting in April 2020.

The upscaling of Login-dot-gov would include local as well as state government impacting benefits access for the entire U.S. population.

Private verification and authentication providers can also be offered tenders to help provider better secure access to the benefits program and other department services.

In conjunction, the government is preparing for the federated OneLogin system which will unify over 170 login routes to a single authentication method.

The draft order also clarifies how the system must operate in terms of adhering to data privacy and liability and notifying users that their identity information is being obtained and verified when they use the federated login system.