Robert A Davidson, Global Head, Aviation Facilitation, International Air Transport Association (IATA), explains how more than ever before, airlines are being tasked with greater responsibilities relating to national border control processes. Davidson covers how airlines are often acting as immigration's first line of defense, whether it is collecting and transmitting Advance Passenger Information ahead of arrival, or ensuring passengers hold appropriate travel documents or their electronic equivalents. He says that process enhancements have already been introduced by both governments and by airlines, new technologies, greater cooperation and better use of information ahead of, and during, travel can only heighten our ability to identify potential threats, strengthen border security and, ultimately, to streamline and facilitate global travel. Increased functionality of ePassports, more effectively aligned passenger data exchange processes, wider adoption of biometric practices to ensure identify verification, implementation of initiatives such as automated border controls and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) systems world-wide are only some of the new approaches IATA envisages to make borders 'smarter'.This talk was presented at SDW 2016 in May. SDW 2017 will take place 26-28 June in London.