VerifyMe, a digital technology solutions provider specializing in counterfeit prevention, authentication, serialization, track and trace features for labels, packaging and products, announced today it has been awarded an initial contract with a Forbes Top 50 Private Company that sells nutrition, personal care, beauty and home care products around the globe. For security reasons, the brand owner has asked that their name not be released. This is VerifyMe's first direct contract with a brand owner who, because of its size, prints its own packaging and labels using HP Indigo printing presses. They will utilize VerifyMe's RainbowSecure anti-counterfeit technology products in conjunction with HP Indigo printing presses, a strategic partner of VerifyMe. VerifyMe's Chief Executive Officer, Patrick White, commented, “This is a major milestone for our Company as this is our first contract directly with a major consumer products brand owner. This is important since we will have the opportunity to work directly with the brand owner and educate them on the benefits of using our technology to protect their products from counterfeiting and product diversion. Our technology gives the brand owner tools for authentication, product “life cycle” monitoring, data gathering, customer engagement, product GPS locations and forensic tools for their brand protection inspectors. With various consumer products and global sales, we believe this contract could be just the beginning and will provide us with the opening to create additional opportunities with their company worldwide in the future.”