Verify Online has launched a brand new document verification service, providing a convenient online-only solution to verify the legitimacy of official UK and overseas documentation thanks to cutting-edge new technologies.The global pandemic and a strict country-wide lockdown have caused several challenges for face-to-face verifications, including difficulties in receiving physical documents, delaying important applications and causing a backlog across a wealth of institutions. Alongside this, some financial and eCommerce businesses are losing potential customers due to obstacles in creating an account without ID verification. Verify Online removes the need for physical ID verification by offering an online-only service as a smart solution to these issues.Verify Online is a specialist documentation validation provider, and the company's new service checks all official documents completely online. Photographs of official documents can be uploaded to Verify Online and the advanced face matching system uses mathematical algorithms and colour wave technology to provide an accurate verification within minutes, with the average verification being completed within 30 seconds. Digital image tampering detection software also ensures format compliance to guarantee accuracy.Once documentation has been certified, users receive a downloadable PDF "Document Verification Certificate" which contains proof of verification and a copy of the documentation provided.Paul Macatonia, director of Verify Online said, "In a world where technology moves at such an incredible pace, it's vital that companies adopt new technologies to improve their processes and offer the most efficient services to their customers."COVID-19 has accelerated the transition to digital identity verification solutions, with a new study reporting that 72% of online marketplaces and 52% of financial organisations have increased their use of verification technology as a direct result of the pandemic. The ability for potential customers to open an account online can be "make or break" for their future relationship with a company. Therefore, in the world's current climate, businesses must adopt an online verification strategy to maintain business and offer efficient services.Verify Online has extensive knowledge of over 4,000 different official documents, making it one of the largest databases for documents worldwide. This includes official documents from the UK, United States, Canada, and many European countries, thus offering an ideal smart approach to document verification worldwide.