The Vermont State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has selected Valid USA, Inc. (Valid) to provide their residents with securely issued driver licenses and identification (DL/ID) cards.Vermont is the third state or territory to issue driver licenses produced by Valid while the company increases its U.S. market share driven by flexible, innovative and secure solutions for the identity industry. Valid will manufacture and issue approximately 200,000 annual secure DMV documents for five years with two one-year extension options under the contract's terms.The solution will include Valid'sWebLink ID software hosted in FedRAMP-certified Amazon Web Services(AWS) GovCloud Region data centers. The applications include functionality for the eleven Vermont DMV offices to enroll applicants and process secure documents throughout the issuance process: photo and signature capture, document authentication, and a configurable workflow to efficiently & effectively verify the cardholder's identityThe DMV hardware provided by Valid incorporates sophisticated cameras, signature capture devices, and document authentication scanners into its solution. Valid then performs the secure manufacturing and distribution of 200,000 DL/ID credentials per year using its central issuance system managed from two secure, fully redundant production facilities which ensures continuity and timely delivery of all secure credentials.The upgraded DMV program will feature a newly designed card which includes a sophisticated array of security features that exceeds the current 2016 American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) Card Design Standard. Additionally, Vermont residents may apply for the enhanced driver license/identification card (EDL/EID) which provides travelers with a low-cost, convenient alternative for entering the United States from Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean through land or sea travel."We are privileged to have the opportunity to demonstrate our ability and willingness to be a true partner with the State of Vermont. WebLink ID is a highly-configurable solution that will work seamlessly as the state's needs grow and evolve. We are providing a cost-effective solution and a lower-risk implementation for the government," said Michael Fox, Chief Commercial Officer of Valid Identity Solutions."The State of Vermont is excited to be working with Valid to improve the customer experience of Vermont residents," said DMV Interim Commissioner Wanda Minoli. "Customers will benefit through reduced wait times, improved card security, and – in the near future – the ability to renew online. The economies of scale available from central issuance are expected to generate significant cost savings, an additional benefit to Vermont tax payers."Share on LinkedinShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on Google+Share on PinterestShare on Xing