Digital ID firm ThreatMetrix has announced a new partnership with authentication suite developers Nok Nok Labs.In a statement, the firms said the partnership will focus on integrated strong authentication and risk-based authentication solutions to ensure maximum security and minimal user friction.”This will tackle the complex authentication requirements facing digital businesses today, factoring in evolving consumer behaviors, a changing regulatory landscape and escalating cybercrime levels”, wrote the companies.”We live in a post-breach world, where usernames and passwords are defunct, and diverse authentication methods are paramount,” said Alisdair Faulkner, Chief Products Officer at ThreatMetrix.”Businesses face competing needs of performing strong authentication, in a way that does not irritate customers or introduce friction. By integrating emerging, FIDO-compliant authentication technologies from Nok Nok Labs into the ThreatMetrix platform, we are able to offer customers the industry's most comprehensive approach to authenticating users securely and with minimal friction.”According to Rajiv Dholakia, vice president of product and business development at Nok Nok Labs, “Authentication is the weak underbelly of security. Combining industry-leading digital identity solutions from ThreatMetrix with our FIDO-based authentication platform provides businesses with user-friendly, future proof, strong authentication capabilities for any device or application”.”We're excited about the value our combined offering will deliver to customers by removing authentication silos, reducing cost and complexity, and minimizing user friction.”