From biometrics and decentralised identity, to identity management, enhanced data and digital ID, Identity Week Europe encapsulated the hottest trends and discussion areas in identity.

But don’t just take our word for it. Compiled in this report are numerous testimonials from speakers and supporters at Identity Week Europe 2022 who shared their predictions for the future of identity domains, as technology advances and enterprise and consumer demands increase.

Across the international marketplace, identity and financial security is among one of most valued reasons for technology advances, enabling citizens to have the ultimate freedom and protection over their personal information. While the west of the world takes strides in securely managing data, developing markets are also looking to change the trajectory of citizen’s lives and boost their economies through digital transformation.

Identity Week Europe 2022 Testimonials

“It’s so hard to pin down what the key trends in the identity industry are currently because there’s so many of them!” – Duncan McIntosh, Product Owner, CIAM, NatWest Group. 

“Data’s always been important and it continues to get more important”, says Andy Preston, Head of Compliance Delivery at Entain. 

“We’re going in a direction of more decentralisation – it’s good for the privacy perspective – It’s also good from a security perspective” – Uko Sarekanno, Deputy Executive Director for Information Management and Processes ,Frontex, European Border and Coast Guard Agency. 

“The future of identity management will rely on a multitude of new biometric modalities that will join the already existing modalities” – Guido Brockmann, Head of Product Management Sector, Eu-Lisa

“In the next 18 months, we will see more and more the digitalisation of documents and, of course, we have the coexistence of physical documents and electronic documents” – Matthias Köhler, Vice President, Mühlbauer

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