Chinese internet giant Tencent plans to launch a mobile, online only trading platform that will use facial recognition to authenticate transactions.Linked to its its popular messaging mobile app WeChat, the service will register users on Tencent's platform directly by uploading one of a number of documents proving their identity and then scanning their face using their smartphone to confirm that the two photos match.According to a report by the South China Morning Post, users will be able to buy stocks via WeChat's e-wallet function, which also facilitates money transfers, the purchasing of transport and cinema tickets, investment in online financial products, and other services.In April, Tencent revealed that it will work closely with the government on the facial recognition technology needed for biometric banking in the country.However, in June an online bank being launched in China by a subsidiary of payments giant Alibaba had to postpone plans to use facial recognition to open accounts after authorities suggested there were security risks.