Privacy campaign groups the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and MuckRock have launched an online survey which aims to garner information on how different US states' police forces are employing biometric technology.The groups claim the survey is nessecary because “[biometric] information is often ߪ uploaded to databases that can be accessed later for a wide range of purposes beyond simple identification”.The survey will use public records that will be filed with requests with local law enforcement agencies around the country, “to shine light on mobile biometric technologies”.”Do you have a minute to help us map how police are using handheld devices to collect biometric data, like your facial features or iris patterns?” ask the groups.It aims to gather information on five specific types of mobile biometric technologies: fingerprint/thumbprint collection; facial recognition; scans of the iris or other elements of the human eye; rapid DNA analysis; and tattoo recognition.In June, the Electronic Frontier Foundation was among a group of privacy advocates walked out on talks with corporate representatives on a facial recognition code of conduct.