Rob Haslam, an expert with 30 years' experience in the secure identity industry, becomes a strategic adviser of TECH5 to help defining a 3-year strategy and customer-focused business plan for the company's latest product – T5-IDencode and related biometric platforms and technologies for identity management.In support of a transformational vision and strategy, piloted by Rob Haslam, TECH5 plans to aggressively expand the market of T5-IDencode, its latest innovation in barcode technology, for data storage, management and offline authentication. The solution enables cost-efficient storage of personal and biometric data in a high-density barcode that is highly secure, as well as offline authentication by face or fingerprint.Rob's industry experience began with British security printer and identity and passport specialist De La Rue in the 1990s, where he worked in Africa on a variety of electoral registration projects throughout the continent. Since then, he participated and spearheaded the evolution of the government identity credential industry as it moved from paper and Polaroid photos, through plastic and smartcards, ePassports and smartphones. Since then he has worked with a number of leading companies in the secure ID document and biometrics space, latterly spending seven years at HID where he helped turn their citizen ID-focused business into a global solution provider, from being a largely component manufacturer when he joined in 2013, via a series of targeted acquisitions and strategic developments.”Rob brings unrivalled ID credential industry expertise knowledge to TECH5, bolstering our mobile biometric-focused domain leadership. He has been a particular evangelist of mobile identity from the very beginning, shaping industry thinking on the migration of ID credentials to the smartphone. We believe in our collaboration as one of the important strategic steps to the company's growth” – says Machiel van der Harst, CEO and Co-founder of TECH5.Rob Haslam was one of the first people in the market to present at industry events on the coming wave of mobile-based solutions, having recognized the potential in a world where every smart device is potentially a reader/verifier, as distinct from traditional smartcard infrastructure with its high capital investment and inflexible architecture. This was a world where other players' concepts of ID on a phone was limited to visual representation of an ID card on the screen, missing the potential for a whole new ecosystem of interactivity and enhanced security when your ID is an advanced computer in the palm of your hand, a computer with GPS, cameras, sensors and a whole host of Identity-enhancing tools. This was a self-disrupting approach against a backdrop where many traditional players were keen to guard against encroachment on their installed-base technologies.”TECH5 aims to lead in this disruption by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and bring cost-effective world-class solutions to the customers in a fast, agile manner which is informed by customers' requirements. These solutions will help revolutionize identity management in a highly cost-effective manner across sectors ranging from citizen identity to fintech and travel, from healthcare to retail” – says Rob Haslam, Strategic adviser of TECH5.