TECH5, a Swiss-based biometric technology company, has recently made the decision to expand its presence to the UK.TECH5 UK will provide a strong presence in the local digital identity market with the aim of making available its latest digital identity management solutions to meet the challenges of developing a digital strategy for millions of UK citizens. The eventual creation of a multi-faceted “Digital ID”, fully owned and managed by a citizen, may in effect move identity from being housed in the external world to being retained in the safety of one's personal identifiers, and as such, no single institution will have control over an individual's identity.The company will provide access to all of its Digital ID offerings to its UK partners, including the newly launched T5-Mobile ID solution for biometric proof of a holder's vaccination status, which can be used completely offline, works in seconds, and without the need to link to any other personal data.In accordance with the Bank of England's Future of finance report, digital identities are essential for businesses and citizens to benefit from the digital economy. Another report, published by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, shows that digital identity market could add up to 3 per cent to UK GDP by 2030.TECH5 Strategic advisor, Rob Haslam, based in the UK, says – “Digital ID is currently the number one strategic focus of TECH5, and we are investing in its entrance to new markets. Our solutions are fully compliant with the latest digital ID security and privacy requirements of the UK market, and we are looking forward to proving their efficiency in helping to fight the pandemic, as well as for other use cases”.TECH5 is an international technology company dedicated to the design, development and distribution of complex, technologically challenging Identity Management solutions that are secure, private, and inclusive. TECH5's biometric-powered digital ID solutions have been fully developed in-house, are among top 5 NIST-listed biometrics, and have been tested on databases in excess of 80 million records in global deployments. These solutions have been marketed through a global network of Integration partners in 15+ different countries to be used in over forty industries, including healthcare, banking, and travel. Currently, more than 380 million active identities are managed by TECH5 platforms worldwide, requiring the processing of over 250,000 transactions every day.”We at TECH5 have over 20 years of experience in the implementation and execution of biometric-based identity management projects. Based on our knowledge and experience, we built T5-Mobile ID technology platform that addresses one of the most common needs of digital identity management – connecting digital identity to its owner biometrically” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-founder and CTO of TECH5.TECH5 technologies put the identity usage in the hands of its owner, the citizen. Identity data is protected through strong encryption, irreversible by design, and uses advanced liveness detection algorithms seamlessly preventing unauthorized access.With protection by design, citizen ownership and layers of security, our solutions provide a greater level of trust between citizens, governments and service providers.In addition, TECH5 technology solutions are customizable, allowing the creation of flexible solutions for the organizations, rather than a “one size fits all”. Furthermore, TECH5 technologies have been trained on diverse datasets, and as such, the algorithm remains invariant across different nations, age groups, and gender, eliminating bias along lines of age, race and ethnicity, and even after gender transformation. As a result, TECH5 technologies maximize inclusion of individuals with effortless, affordable and secure AI-driven intellectual property across our 3 biometric modalities.”At TECH5, we believe that the post-pandemic era will become increasingly digital. More than ever, there will be an increased need for a secure online environment as digital identity credentials incrementally replace physical documents” – says Machiel van der Harst, TECH5 Co-founder and CEO.