TECH5, an innovator in the field of biometrics and digital identity management, becomes a member of the OSIA initiative and will contribute its expertise and market knowledge through participation in the OSIA Working Group.

“We are delighted to participate in the OSIA initiative at Secure Identity Alliance. TECH5 fully shares SIA’s goals, supporting the provision of legal, trusted identity for all and driving the development of inclusive digital identity,” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CTO of TECH5. “We are innovating to realize the inclusive digital IDs of the future and believe that sharing our vision and expertise with the community and exchanging ideas with other industry leaders can help shape global standards for digital identity development and increase its adoption.”

The OSIA initiative is developed by the not-for-profit Secure Identity Alliance. It is governed under a formal structure including an independent OSIA Advisory Committee, with work carried out by the OSIA GitHub Community and the OSIA Working Group. These bodies have transparent and publicly available terms of reference to guide intra and inter-committee relations.

In the future, TECH5 plans to participate in the OSIA global qualification program with its matching and digital ID platforms.

“One of the company’s key principles is a contribution to the development of standards and raising the level of expertise in the biometric market, and joining OSIA is an important strategic decision for TECH5”, says Rob Haslam, TECH5’s Strategic Advisor. TECH5 regularly contributes its expertise and market knowledge as a member of such organizations as Biometrics Institute, European Association for Biometrics, OIX, CITeR, and others. “The company would also like to ensure that all its platforms are OSIA-compliant and available for all counties developing inclusive digital ID ecosystems using the OSIA framework.

“We are delighted to welcome TECH5 to the OSIA Initiative, and we believe that their participation will be of great value to our collective efforts. With their expertise in biometrics, we are confident that they will make significant contributions towards our shared goal of fostering interoperability and innovation in the identity market. We look forward to collaborating with TECH5 and benefiting from their unique perspectives and insights,” – said Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA Initiative.