After Apple launched Face ID, Taiwanese firms are making 3D sensing solutions.For instance, Largan Precision has been developing 3D sensing solutions for smartphones, according to company CEO Lin En-ping, reports Digitimes.A 3D sensing solution needs two lenses, Lin said at Largan's investors conference on October 12. Unlike general sensors, 3D sensing lenses use laser light source and therefore heat dissipation is a problem, according to Lin. There are three 3D sensing solutions that can solve the problem: all-glass lenses, glass plus plastic (G+P) lenses, all-plastic lenses.There are clients planning to adopt G+P lenses, but no one plans to adopt all-glass solutions, Lin said. Glass lens pieces are superior to plastic ones in optical property but inferior in sensing capability, and therefore G+P lenses are comparatively advantageous over all-glass or all-plastic lenses for 3D sensing, Lin said.Largan has capacity to produce glass lens pieces mainly for automotive cameras and is evaluating the feasibility of producing aspherical molded glass lens pieces, Lin noted.Largan stands a chance of taking a lead in 3D sensing technology and application, industry watchers indicated.