Human interface firm Synaptics plans to launch an under glass fingerprint sensor for smartphones within 12 months, the firm has revealed at a conference.A prototype of the sensor showed how the design preserves the flush glass industrial design associated with smartphones and tablets reported Engadget. It will also reduce entry points for moisture and contamination.The product, which won't be ready for another 10 to 12 months, featured a small area touch sensor.Earlier this week, the company noted that its Natural ID biometric solution for desktop PC mouses was being showcased by numerous OEMs and ODMs at Computex 2015.”There is tremendous opportunity for PC peripherals to integrate biometric authentication as evidenced by our traction with key partners,” said Godfrey Cheng, vice president of marketing, Human Interface Systems Division (HISD), Synaptics. “Secure logon and transactions via fingerprint on mouse or keyboard is fast, simple, foolproof and significantly safer than passwords.””As a leading ODM within the crowded PC industry, it's important for us to have the ability to design solutions that allow our customers to bring differentiated products to market,” said Jerry Lee, head of EE, Human Input Solution Business Unit for Lite-On. “We're excited that a partner like Synaptics has continued to develop innovative solutions such as SmartBar and Natural ID for mouse that are specifically aimed at bringing industry leading human interface experiences to the PC market.”