A survey on security in the workplace has found that workers are increasingly in favour of biometric security to prevent theft.The new Pew Research Center report found that the largest percentage (54%) said they were OK with facial recognition cameras in the workplace to catch thieves of employees' personal belongings,Respondent also said the footage could stay on file as long as the company wished, and even if it were used to measure employee attendance and performance.Meanwhile, only 24% said that would not be acceptable, with 21% saying it would depend on circumstances. There were no statistically significant differences in answers by age or gender or income.However, the survey found that fewer would trade personal data for receiving targeted advertising in the scenario presented by Pew.Only 33% were in favour of a scenario whereby free access to a social media platform that allowed for interaction with other alumni for an upcoming reunion was exchanged for creating a profile and supplying a photo that would be used by the site to deliver tailored advertising.In that situation, 51% said it was not acceptable and 15% said it depended on the circumstances.The generational breakdown is telling. Four of 10 under 50 said they were OK with that, but only 24% of those over 50 said it was acceptable.