SuperCom, a provider of secure solutions for the e-Government, IOT and Cybersecurity sectors, was awarded a $3.6 million project with the national government of Finland to deploy its PureSecurity Electronic Monitoring (EM) Suite. Through its innovative and proven technology and services, SuperCom's aims to help Finland improve public safety efficacy as well as reduce prison overcrowding and lower recidivism.The nationwide project is set to cover all electronic monitoring (EM) offender programs within the country and expected to include at least 1,000 enrollees simultaneously for a duration of 4 years, with potential for extensions. The project will include the following PureSecurity offerings: Prison inmate monitoring, GPS tracking of offenders, RF monitoring for house arrest, and officer and offender mobile solutions. This deployment is planned to integrate traditional EM with inmate monitoring in a seamless way, providing continuous tracking of offenders while they are in prison and as they are away from the facilities during short-term releases.The award was won through a formal bid process, of which six companies took part, including the long-term incumbent and current EM vendor for Finland. Under the terms of the award, the value of the contract is approximately USD $3.6 million, however revenues recognized by SuperCom will depend on actual usage levels. The budget consists mainly of costs for leasing the EM system and equipment, as well as recurring maintenance charges. SuperCom expects to deploy the initial order and start generating revenues shortly after project launch.This award will go through the customary standstill waiting period before contract signing is approved and the project is launched. We expect to provide further information on such in follow up announcements.”We are pleased to have received this award, scoring higher than any of the other five players in this competitive tender, including the incumbent and current EM provider for Finland. This benchmark win signifies the third Nordic European country to select our electronic monitoring technology after Sweden and Denmark in the recent past,” commented company President and CEO Ordan Trabelsi.”Nordic countries as well as some of the others to select our EM technology are among the most advanced and evolved EM countries in the world, practicing a modernized and effective approach towards alternatives to incarceration and emphasizing offenders' successful re-entry into society. Our current flourishing EM deployments and upcoming ones can serve not only as strong reference points but also concrete validation of the effectiveness of our leading EM technology. We believe our rapid expansion and growing brand recognition, in Europe as well as the U.S., is ideally positioning us to capitalize on the expanding pipeline of EM project opportunities around the world,” Ordan concluded.SuperCom's PureSecurity Suite is a best-of-breed electronic monitoring and tracking platform, which contains a comprehensive set of innovative features, including smart phone integration, secure communication, advanced security, anti-tamper mechanisms, fingerprint biometrics, voice communication, unique touch screens and extended battery life.