Customer identity management firm Gigya has found that consumers are increasingly eager to use biometric security to authenticate online logins, amid rising concerns over data privacy.Gigya's report, called “The 2015 State of Consumer Privacy & Personalization”, stated that 32% of UK and 41% of US consumers say that they would be comfortable logging in to a site or mobile app using their thumbprint or a face/eye scan.”Consumers are also showing a marked interest in next-generation authentication methods, including payment providers and biometrics, indicating a clear evolution of the concept of digital identity: Identity 3.0.”However, privacy was a major worry on both sides of the Atlantic, with just 4% of both US and UK survey respondents saying they weren't concerned about data privacy and how companies are using customer data.Interestingly, the study also explored attitudes to Apple becming a future identity provider, with Apple choose to become a third-party identity provider in the near future, finding that 44% of UK and 57% of US respondents agree that they would use their Apple IDs to register and log in to websites and applications, and 40% of UK and 50% of US respondents also prepared to leverage their Apple IDs to pay for items online.The findings on biometrics contrast with another report published this week by RichRelevance which found that 68% of UK shoppers would find facial recognition tech that identifies age to display recommendations 'creepy'.