US citizens are still wary of exchanging biometric data for more personalised or expedited government services, according to a new survey.In a study organised by Accenture's #AFSFedPulse team, 45% of citizens said they would not share a digital photograph with government for better services, including the millennials demographic.In addition, more than 50% of respondents – across generations – said no to sharing iris scans with the government.The study, conducted by McGuire Research, focused on the prospect of citizens using personal data as “currency” for more rapid response from federal agencies.However, there were some nuances across the generations: Millennials stood out in their willingness to share their cell phone numbers: 74% of millennials versus 65% of Gen X versus 56% of Baby Boomers.But while 74% of millennials would share their cellphone number with government, they are less likely to provide iris scans or fingerprints than both boomers and the Silent Generation.​