Biometrics payments and ID verification business Sthaler has partnered with CP Plus, a UK car park provider, to develop parking technology that will increase security for ID verification and payment authentication at hospital parking sites.The technology, which operates via Fingopay – Sthaler's VeinID recognition technology – will make payment simpler, improve traffic flows and enhance security.CP Plus look set to rollout the Fingopay-operated parking technology across their NHS customer base, along with their growing volume of customers across a range of other sectors including rail, retail and supermarkets. CP Plus are the exclusive license holders of technology for the parking industry and pairing up with Sthaler's finger vein ID technology will introduce a cashless, card-free system for people to pay for parking and verify their ID at parking sites nationwide.There will be no more rooting around for change to feed the meter or being denied access if you forget your parking pass. The aim is to ease pressure on hospital car parks and enable easier public parking. The system will increase security, while remaining sensitive to the needs of patients and their relatives.Sthaler's Fingopay reader uses Hitachi's VeinID recognition technology. Infrared light maps the unique 3D pattern of veins inside an individual's finger. The VeinID technology has been incorporated into existing parking technology and will recognise the driver and their car instantly, allowing access.Fingopay technology has already been successfully deployed at the tills of the Costcutter store on Brunel University campus and at Copenhagen Business School, on the campus' self-service restaurant.This biometric signature is a one-of-a-kind personal identifier. It can be used to verify identity in seconds. It's fast, safe and simple. Finger vein technology is used widely at cash points in Poland, Turkey and Japan. Vein scanners are also used in accessing high-security buildings, for workforce management, verifying identity and authorising high value transactions for banking customers across Northern Europe.Sthaler CEO and Founder Nick Dryden comments on the launch;”Secure payments and ID verification remains a crucial issue we need to address in the UK, and in our Fingopay technology we're already seeing how the use of innovative technology can be utilised effectively to help address these issues.Ease of access, secure and hassle-free services are paramount, especially in hospitals, and we're very happy to see the benefits our technology can bring to minimising risks and increasing time savings in places and scenarios where people need it the most. Having successfully deployed Fingopay in financial services and retail sectors, our launch with CP Plus marks an exciting step as we enter additional verticals, demonstrating the scale and breadth of the opportunities in front of our business.”