Over 10 years the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) has evolved from an advocacy vehicle to identify needs in the market that preceded the EU Digital ID wallet, setting missing standards for interoperability with public and private company members and government.

This carved out the OSIA Initiative which promotes competition, innovation and sustainability between the ecosystem and seamless connectivity between interfaces with open standards.

This Part 1 interview with Stephanie Delabriolle, at the SIA covered these areas:

What difference has OSIA’s specifications made to the ID ecosystem?

Much is being made of compliance frameworks – is there enough focus on usability?

Do you think competition in the marketplace is making it more difficult to achieve interoperable systems?

Is a decentralised approach to data the best practice in implementing and accelerating national identity programmes?

What are your views on interoperability and governing standards with the European digital identity wallet?


Identityweek.net will also be speaking to Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA Initiative, in a Part 2 interview to discuss the added value of a non-profit organisation like the SIA in the market, expanding on what role associations have in the field, how this has evolved and what is the added value in participating. She will discuss the evolution of ISO versus open standards and stress the value of collaboration to ensuring interoperability, analysing Open standards and Open Source trends, relations among non-profit (GAIN) and market changes.

SIA joined The Global Assured Identity Network Initiative (GAIN) to strengthen accountability over the world wide web, endorsing a trust layer and accountability to increase its conformity with interoperable privacy and security.