Identity document card surface is becoming increasingly constrained as issuers are in need of including always more printed items: government mentions, identity data of cardholders, names, addresses, identifiers, or even multiple languages. As SPS new Dual6 ID micromodule is 40% smaller than the previous Dual8 ID, this frees a considerable card space for designers to be able to print more data on the card body while keeping its aesthetic and projecting a positive government image.The new Dual6 micromodule also supports SPS exclusive CMI® – Custom Module Image – which allows to print the coat of arms of the state, or any image relating to the issuer on the micromodule itself. This way, what was previously a lost technical space on the card becomes an active security feature.SPS Dual6 micromodule is compatible with all types of card bodies including polycarbonate, PVC, PET and composite materials. It supports all chips commonly used for dual interface cards in the identity segment with all types of operating systems.Dominique Charrie, SPS Marketing Director for government products declares: “SPS constantly adapts to government demands: as there is always a need to print more data on a limited card surface, with our new Dual6 ID, we reduce the space occupied by the micromodule while turning it into an additional security feature”.SPS eBoost® inductive coupling technology, which consists in using electromagnetic coupling between the antenna and the module (no physical connection between the chip and the antenna), is easy to integrate for all smart card manufacturers. As there is no physical connection between the small antenna embedded in the micromodule and the large antenna etched inside the card, cards are more durable and easily stand the 10 to 15 years life expectancy typically required for identity applications.SPS eBoost inductive coupling technology allows to include SPS distinctive security features that reinforce the security of the ID document:· CAI – Custom Antenna Image – a technology allowing to design a watermark on the antenna including the issuer specific coat of arms, symbols or any image,· CMI – Custom Module Image – Customized Module Image that allows having a specific image engraved on the micromodule.SPS now offers two options for government ID card issuers:· Dual6 ID (8,3 x 11mm) freeing more card surface to print data,· Dual8 ID (11,8×13 mm), which allows to print a larger CMI® coat of arms on the micromodule.