Voice biometrics firm SpeechPro is working with speech analytics solutions CallMiner on speaker separation capabilities for contact centres.Under the partnership, CallMiner will offer SpeechPro's proprietary speaker separation technology as an additional option on the Eureka platform.”We see a lot of our customers stuck with legacy recording equipment and contact center infrastructure that offers no speaker separated audio.” said Erik Strand, Vice President of Product at CallMiner.”Analyzing non-separated audio is possible but requires significant additional effort and doesn't allow for speaker-based searches and categorization. SpeechPro's speaker separation capabilities allows our customers to take advantage of the benefits of speaker separated audio and reduced analytical effort without having to change any of their current processes.””We are excited to partner with CallMiner, an innovative company that is constantly on the look out for new technologies that help to expand capabilities of their speech analytics offerings ” said Alexey Khitrov, President of SpeechPro.”The strength of SpeechPro best in class technology comes from our continuous commitment to R&D. SpeechPro assembled probably the biggest scientific team dedicated to voice biometrics in the industry. This investment allowed us to develop, what independent testing proves to be, the most accurate voice biometric technology out there. The depth and accuracy now available through the Eureka solution will ensure that we are delivering more value to call center customers.”In January, New York-based Voice biometrics firm Speechpro revealed that its VoiceKey product had been selected for British contact centre specialists Aspect Software's newly launched customer solution.SpeechPro's VoiceKey, which offers text independent technologies and anti-spoofing liveness detection among other tech, will feature in Aspect Software's Innovation Exchange, a suite designed to improve customer engagement and increase efficiency in the contact centre. – See more at: http://www.planetbiometrics.com/article-details/i/2654/#sthash.ktZox2xi.dpuf