Healthcare IT security firm Imprivata has acquired HT Systems, a provider of palm-vein based biometric patient identification systems, to enter into the emerging patient identification market.Imprivata says the acquisition supports Imprivata's goal to support security solutions that increase provider productivity, enable patient engagement, and improve patient safety. HT Systems has developed a PatientSecure biometric patient identification technology, using Fujitsu palm vein scanners.”The acquisition of HT Systems represents our first strategic investment in expanding our market to patients. Patient engagement is going to become a critical part in the providing of care across the healthcare continuum,” said Omar Hussain, president and CEO of Imprivata. “Without systems for secure patient identification and access, meaningful patient engagement across the care continuum will be nearly impossible. We are very excited that with HT Systems, we are acquiring a leading biometric patient identification product that we can leverage through our global distribution channel and partner ecosystem to expand rapidly and meet our customers' needs.”Based in Tampa, Fla., HT Systems serves hospital systems and large medical groups across the U.S. The PatientSecure biometric patient identification system has identified more than 22 million patients across 65 healthcare systems comprising more than 350 hospitals and thousands of clinics. PatientSecure provides positive patient identification by distinguishing the vein pattern in a patient's hand and retrieving the correct medical record in the healthcare provider's electronic health record system at patient check-in. This improves patient safety and satisfaction, eliminates duplicate medical records and overlays, and guards against identity theft and insurance fraud.”The PatientSecure solution has helped many hospitals address critical issues with patient identification and millions of patients safely register for care,” said David Wiener, CEO of HT Systems. “By joining Imprivata, we have a tremendous opportunity to rapidly expand the development and adoption of the PatientSecure solution. Imprivata and HT Systems share the same vision of helping healthcare providers focus on better patient care of their patients through our innovative technologies. We will accelerate achieving our shared goal through this acquisition.”Under the terms of the transaction, Imprivata paid approximately $19.1 million in cash at closing. Additionally, Imprivata will pay up to $1.9 million in retention-based payments two years from closing plus up to $5.0 million based on achieving certain sales targets over the two-year period following the transaction.