Researchers at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China's Police Equipment Joint Research Lab have developed a face recognition camera that sweeps a crowd for suspects.The prototype version has been mounted on a SUV, unveiled in the southwestern city of Chengdu on Wednesday, is mounted with a 360-degree rooftop camera array that automatically scans faces within a 60-meter radius, according to the state-run Sichuan Daily (in Chinese).The camera doesn't just identify the crowd, but can also try and analyse them by gender and age.It compares all faces against compares those stored in the police database, and alerts the driver if a match is made.”As long as you get at least three-quarters of the face, you can make an ID,” Yin Guangqiang, director of the Police Equipment Joint Research Lab, told the newspaper. He added that the system can also recognize license plate numbers and car types, and can be set to scan for just “one type of person.”