Voice biometrics firm SpeechPro, the US-based subsidiary of STC Group, plans to showcase multi-modal biometric authentication solutions: VoiceKey.AGENT and VoiceKey.FRAUD, at an upcoming trade show.In a press statement, SpeechPro said both solutions are based on the multi-modal biometric authentication platform VoiceKey. VoiceKey.AGENT is a simple and convenient solution that allows verifying client's identity by voice. Verification is performed in a real-time during a conversation between a customer and an operator of contact center. When a call is received and operator asks client to introduce himself, system compares client's voice with his voice sample from the database. VoiceKey displays the verification result on the operator's screen. If there is no matching and call is possibly fraudulent, system notifies both, operator and security.VoiceKey.FRAUD is a specialized solution for company's security that searchs for and identifies fraudsters among customers calling to contact centers. VoiceKey.FRAUD automatically detects fraudulent voices in incoming calls made to call centers and immediately notifies the operator and security services to take an action. It compares voices of callers with voices from the fraud database in online and offline modes and creates its own fraudsters list. On 27th April SpeechPro experts will introduce from the stage the upgraded version of VoiceKey.FRAUD at Finovate Spring 2017.Finovate Spring visitors will also have a chance to try out VoiceKey.FRAUD as well as the other solution VoiceKey.AGENT by themselves. Both systems will be demonstrated at the booth on the same date of the event.