Security company Software House has announced an integration of IdentyTech biometric palm vein readers into its “C-CURE 9000″ security and event management solution. House said the integration means that users across multiple disciplines, including corporate enterprises, government and financial services, healthcare, schools and more, can now add the biometric palm vein readers.The palm vein readers work on Fujitsu's PalmSecure technology. A person is identified from the patterns of the blood vessels found within the Palm of the hand using near-infrared light to detect distinctive vein vessel patternsIdentyTech's IDT Sapphire has an integrated keypad and smart card/proximity reader which can work with cards, PINs or biometrics for three-factored authentication. Meanwhile, the IDTJade, aimed at small- to mid-size access control applications, offers two-factor identification and verification for thousands of users with integrated MIFARE, iCLASS, and proximity smart cards and biometrics.”With C-CURE 9000 as the backbone, businesses can easily integrate higher levels of security with peripherals, such as IdentyTech's biometric palm readers, to enhance their access control systems,” said Jason Ouellette, Product Line Director – Access Control, Tyco Security Products. “It's all about leading the market in the ability to integrate systems as simply and easily as possible, while leveraging innovative technologies such as palm vein to solve real world access control issues and to go beyond customer needs.”